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About Don Bosco Center for Social Action

The Don Bosco Center For Social Action Yadagiri was established in 2004 as a channel of development and progress in areas of education, women empowerment and inspiration among the people of Yadagiri District.

The center envisages programmes for awareness and eradication of existing social evils such as poverty, ignorance, unemployment, hopelessness etc. among the people at large.

We undertake work for the children at risk in different areas of life. Children, who are working, missing, dropped from the school, malnourished, differently abled and those abandoned in the society. We take up educational programmes for the drop-outs in 24 villages, we conduct awareness programmes regarding the need for education in the villages, we conduct bridge courses called as Chinnarangala doing vacation for the working children in the villages. We conduct cultural and formative activities for the well-being of the children. We give medical assistance for the children in the villages and distribute medicines through the help of doctors and registered medical practitioners. We distributed educational materials for the children in our centers. Sports and athletic support is also provided for the children in the villages. Child rights Awareness programmes are conducted regularly at all the 24 villages for the children, parents and educators. The most highlighting aspect of our work is the MISSING CHILD BUREAU which conversthe whole Yadgir district including Talukas of Yadgir, shahapur and surpur. We also take up child labor projects conducting residential bridge courses, anti-child campaigns and rallies.

About Management

  • Director : Fr Reji Jacob
  • Coordinator : Mr. Sharanappa C
  • Office Staff : Shwetha M.K
  • Field Staff :
    • Basavaraj
    • Bannamma
    • Nellamma
    • Subadramma
    • Nagamma
    • Vijayalakshmi
    • Nagamma
    • Anitha
    • Sabamma
    • Shreedevi
    • Mallappa
    • Sharanappa
    • Devindrappa
    • Devindrappa
    • Thotappayya swamy
    • Mahimood
    • Hanumantraya
    • Yashodha
    • Ningareddy
    • Venkatesh
    • Bangaramma
    • Shreedevi
    • Mamatha


Our goal is to increase the commitment to child rights and children’s participation in 10 districts in Karnataka State – the commitment of children as well as the commitment of adults (political decision makers, parents, teachers etc)

Objective I: Uphold the rights of the children by having access to information and voice their views on issues affecting them, and empowered to present the issues at appropriate people and forums like family, school, local government and civil society groups in innovative ways.

Objective II: Facilitate the community by forming appropriate forums, capacity building, and involvement in advocacy actions and engage them child rights, child participation and child protection central to development

Objective III: Knowledge acquired by the CREAM I and CREAM II, put to use in probing on social issues for advocacy to uphold rights of children.


Advocacy Meeting Feb 2017

CREAM Inauguration

Human Rights Training

Summer Camp

MCB – Missing Child Bureau

Missing Child Bureau Karnataka (MCB) has been established as per the Juvenile Justice Act 2000 (JJ Act- care and protection of the children), Missing Child Bureau of Karnataka(MCB) has been established. The rules (2002) thereunder by the Department of Women and Child Development and the Government of Karnataka has appointed Bangalore OniyavaraSevaCoota (BOSCO) Bangalore as the State Nodal Agency of the Missing Child Bureau of Karnataka as per the Government of Karnataka order No. DWCD 180 MCB 2007 Bangalore, Dated 27 October 2007. BOSCO the nodal agency will take the lead role with the support of the DWCD & police to launch this project in Karnataka along with the NGO’s which serves the children at every district level. It will monitor the entire project from for the better implementation and convergence of data of the missing and unaccompanied children under a single window system. It will also act as a link between the DWCD, police and the partner NGO’s at level of operation. The State Nodal Agency directed to identify and appoint the District Cell of the Bureau and establish the necessary Systems, structure and Networks and employ effective strategies and tools to realize the objectives in all the districts of Karnataka by ensuring the safety of the Missing and unaccompanied children. The State office of the Missing Child Bureau (MCB) is set up in the department of WCD, and the Nodal office is at BOSCO Yuvodaya, 91 B Street, and 6th Cross Gandhinagar Bangalore.


MCB Inauguration

MCB Awareness Mundargi School

MCB Childline DC

MCB Officers Training

MCB Success Stories


IGP – Income Generation Program


WEP – Women Empowerment Program

SHG – Self Help Group

Mobile Clinic


Grama Sabhe

Official Training

Our Success Stories

Success Story of Kavitha, the missing child

  • Kavita D/o Hanumantappa
  • Age 8 years old
  • Bangaluru
  • She was missing from Bangaluru on 26/07/2011

She stayed with Sharanappa of Beernal near Yadgir town and we approached her and we gave in the Media to find her Parents. We requested the help of Yadgir town police station. Finally we found her parents on 07/08/2011 by the help of the media and we sent her back to her home with her father and Bangaluru Yeshwantpur Station Police constable.

Success story of Tuluja of Yadgir:

  • Tulaja D/o Jayaraj
  • Age 17 years old
  • From yadgir
  • She was found in Hyderabad.

SH 51, Yadgir K Rural, Karnataka 585201