About Yadgiri

Yadgiri – Area, literacy

Yadgir district administers 5,225 square kilometers of areas. Yadgir Literacy Rate 2011 Average literacy rate of Yadgir in 2011 were 52.36 compared to 39.90 of 2001. If things are looked out at gender wise, male and female literacy were 63.33 and 41.31 respectively. For 2001 census, same figures stood at 51.35 and 28.32 in Yadgir District. Total literate in Yadgir District were 516,940 of which male and female were 313,797 and 203,143 respectively. In 2001, Yadgir District had 310,614 in its district.

Total Population of Yadgiri

According to the 2011 census Yadgir district has a population of 1,172,985, roughly equal to the nation of Timor-Leste or the US state of Rhode Island. This gives it a ranking of 404th in India (out of a total of 640). The district has a population density of 224 inhabitants per square kilometre (580/sqmi).

Yadgiri district Total population is 1172985 according to census 2011.Males are 591222 and Females are 581763 .Literate people are 776047 among total.Its total area is 5.6 km². It is the 24 th largest district in the state by Population . But 30th Largest District in the state By Area. 401st Largest District in the Country By Population. 30th highest District in the State By literacy rate. 603rd highest District in the Country by literacy rate. Its literacy Rate is 52.36.

Villages within our outreach

Presently we reach out to 36 villages in and around Yadgiri Town.

Our present apostolate.

Don Bosco Yadgiri today is a mission station beaming with lots of apostolic activites especially in the field of Evanglizayiona dn Eduction of youth and children. Some the activities ca\rried out in this mission are briefly listed below:

A. Don Bosco Catholic Mission and Quasi parish

Though the Yadagiri mission was started in 1996, it was looked after by Fr. Sunny, then in charge of Devadurga mission. Initially pastoral activities were given importance. Mass was celebrated in a house of one of the Catholics. On 23rd August, 2000, a farm was purchased and the visit of priests from Devadurga became more often. A house was rented in Yadagiri town and from June 2000 to August 2002 Fr. Sunny, the one in charge, used to remain in the same house and supervise the construction of the residence cum church while taking care of the pastoral needs of the Catholics.

The residence cum chapel was inaugurated on August 16th 2002 by Fr. Jose Kuttianimattahil the Provincial of Bangalore Province. It is beign used as the residence and the church for the Catholic community of Yadagiri. Sunday Masses and other liturgical services are conducted for the public. Don Bosco Yadagiri was made a separate presence with Fr. Sunny as its in charge. During the same year Fr. Sunny proposed the idea of Don Bosco College of Education with B.Ed, D. Ed. School, separate Hostels for boys and girls etc and the same was approved in the provincial council of October 26 2006. Meantime a project “Skill Training and Rural Empowerment (STARE) was prepared for our neighborhood involvement and sent of JDW.

B. Don bosco college of education (B.Ed)

In December 2004 we got the approval of NCTE to start the D. Ed course and the course was started in January 2005. In August 2005 Don BoscoYadagiri became part of the newly established diocese of Gulbarga. In November 2005 the NCTE gave the approval for starting of B.Ed Course and the course was started in January 2006 and this college continues to this day with the 10th batch of Teacher Education Students.

C. Don Bosco Tech

In 2008 October Don Bosco Tech was inaugurated by Fr. Maria Arokiam, Regional Councilor for South Asia. Don Bosco Tech conducts several Short Term Vocational Courses for village youth.

D. Don Bosco English Medium High School

In 2004 a primary school was started. Today we have a full fledged and well reputed English medium High school with 1000 students and 52 staff.

The year 2012-2013 Don Bosco Child Labour Centre was begun with 50 Students intake which was supported by the Government of Karnataka SCLP Programme.

E. Savio Bhavan Boys Hostel and Don Bosco P.U. College

With the permission of the Provincial and his council two new ventures were started namely SavioBhavan Boys Hostel and Don Bosco P.U. College has picked up with two batches of students (Science & Commerce Streams) The college now has a strength of 110. This Academic year as the students in the hostel has gone up to 97 boys and we have started the construction of a new hostel Savio Bhavan.

F. Don bosco girls hostel – Mamma Margaret Home

In our girls hostel name Mamma Margaret Home run by the MSMHC sisters there are 60 girls and 15 women staff.

Don bosco centre for social acation yadgiri

Today our Centre for Social Action reaches out to 36 villages through Socio- developmental activities through many government and nongovernmental projects. Social Service projects like CREAM, MCB, Child LINE, Youth groups and Children’s Clubs in the villages etc. are currently running

No of Beneficiaries of activities

Catholic Families of Yadgiri, Catechumens who are preparing for Baptism , Hostel students numbering about 160, 1000 School Students, 250 College Students, Tuition Students in 23 Villages, Members of our Self Help groups in 36 villages, Other numerous beneficiaries of our Social Service projects like CREAM, MCB, Child LINE, Youth groups and Children’s Clubs in the villages etc. are all beneficiaries of our apostolate here in this mission

Current missionary activities (Yadgiri only)

Evangelization and catechetic through Family visits ,Prayer Services , Catechism classes, daily mass and specially solemnized masses on Sundays ,Renewal programmes etc.

Catholic families.

Presently there are 30 Families only.

Villages (with Catholics) under the quasi parish.

There are three areas with Catholics belonging to this quasi parish namely, Mudnal Thanda, HoseHalli Cross, Yadgiri Town.

Regular church services conducted today.

  • Daily Mass, Daily Morning Prayer and Night Prayers for hostel children
  • Sunday Mass & Catechism for children.
  • Observing 24 th of the Month as Mother’s Day honouring Mother Marythrough
  • Para Liturgical Services and Rosary Services .etc.
  • Regular Family visits and prayers in the family

Missionary activities being done.

  • Village Visits and Home visits in our 36 selected villages by Fathers and Sisters.
  • Rosary services and prayer services in Christian Areas
  • House Blessing and prayers in Catholic and Christian Families
  • Ecumenical meetings with other denominations. ( United Christian Forum)

Possibilities of evangelization to Faith and growth of the Church

There are many villages in the district who are open to the gospel.Fr.Jolly is also involved in direct evangelization and preaching the gospel.

Church under construction

Size of the Church in square feet… 4000 square feet including Sacristy and Portico.

Seating capacity.

Seating capacity is 450 people (Chairs)

What kind of roofing ?

Roofing would be Aluminum sheets on top and False ceiling underneath it.

What kind of Windows ?

Wooden (Teak Wood) with Lattice window shutters with Catechetical Pictures.

How long since the construction has been going on?

Construction started 2 years ago. But due to paucity of funds it is stopped since last July (1 year).

How long will it take to complete the church if money is available ?

If money is available the church would be completed in 4 months.

Number of people who will benefit from the church which is under construction.

Around 600 people who come to church on Sunday, 30 Catholic Families , inmates of our institutions especially boarding children from villages numbering around 160, staff of our institutions numbering around 155, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters in our mission and more than 1500 students who are Day Scholars in our school and colleges. These beneficiaries of our institutions will have a place of prayer.

How far are the villages from the church ?

Villages are 3 Kilometers to 25 Kilometers

Church Name ?

St. Mary’s Church , Don Bosco Mission Yadgiri.

Expected to be a parish?

As the number of Catholics increase we hope that with in 5-10 years it would become a lively full fledged parish.

What is the contract with the diocese regarding the church?

Presently this Taluka is given to as a mission station by the Bishop of Gulbarga.


This project would be of much help, mainly to the Catholic community of Yadigiri Taluk in particular and Yadgiri district in General. This will also help the pastors and catechists of this mission region for effective evangelization. With this support we hope to be much more effective in our missionary and pastoral ministry in Yadgiri and its surrounding areas. It will also encourage the Catholic community towards a coordinated and collective approach to the pastoral ministry in the Parish.

SH 51, Yadgir K Rural, Karnataka 585201